Land Application

land application

Land application allows the reuse of various byproducts. Many things that are sometimes thought of as wastes can be used as a fertilizer, liming agent, or as an amendment to improve the soil. When the nutrients or other constituents of a by-product are reused in agriculture, it helps farmers by providing lower cost inputs, and helps society be closing production loops and diverting materials from landfills.

The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates 70% of the waste going to landfills is organic material (something that was once living). Much of this organic material can be used to help rebuild depleted soils and increase soil fertility. This is particularly important in Georgia where our soils have been farmed for a long period of time and are naturally low in organic matter.

AgP2 provides technical support for industries and local governments interested in beneficial reuse of by-products in agriculture. The program looks for opportunities for beneficial reuse that are environmentally safe and are agronomically effective for the farmer. This benefits society by conserving landfill space.

Some of the by-products we have worked with in the program are:

  • Food processing wastes
The land application program strives to be a technically sound educational resource for the many groups interested in beneficial reuse. Please contact us if you have specific information needs.