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The Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia (PSG) is a voluntary program sponsored by the Department of Natural Resources Sustainability Division (Formerly P2AD).  The Partnership was begun to assist Georgia businesses and promote conservation practices in such areas as energy use and waste production.  In conjunction with the Agricultural Pollution Prevention Program (AgP2), a program has been created to meet the needs and concerns of the agricultural community in Georgia.

The AgTrack is a leadership program for farmers and producers in Georgia. This is a voluntary program designed to encourage your efforts to incorporate environmental stewardship and pollution prevention into daily operations and decisions.  While doing this, you as a partner are promoted as an environmental leader through media as well as through positive press releases coordinated through the AgP2 program.  You will be networked with other Ag environmental leaders as well as industry partners to provide innovative techniques and new approaches to issues affecting agriculture.  In addition, you are provided opportunities to serve as advisors to AgP2 in your sector and given the chance to communicate with influential parties in your respective sector.

Agriculture is a diverse and historic part of Georgia’s economy and tradition.  This program hopes to involve everyone in our agricultural community, from traditional row crop farmers to nursery and greenhouse managers, to achieve one goal: the promotion and improvement of Georgia agriculture in environmental stewardship.

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